Health and education represent for us the two major poles which could constitute the essential part of an action that aims to be promising in a country on the path of development like ours.

Ways To Support​

We thank you for your interest in being a member of Les Amis. There are many ways to show your support.

You are welcome to join our Apprentice program, Lau school project, become a corporate sponsor, or all three.

Business Training
Lau Farming Project
Corporate Sponsor

Volunteer Your Time

We need all types of professionals to help our apprentices. If you are interested in coming to the DRC and enriching the lives of our apprentices please reach out to us at

Business Training

Your donation will allow us to support our Apprentices by providing a workshop/tinker space, materials, stipend to meet their needs while they learn, educational programs, financial literacy, entrepreneurial and professional development skills.

Agriculture in Africa has a massive social and economic footprint. We are working on helping the many families in Lau village to introduce sustainable ways of living. We have the blessing and support of Chief Imbi Mukoko Bona. Lau is 45km from Kinshasa but a world away so the ability to produce their own agriculture would be a huge empowerment for this community. We are currently raising $20,000 to build a sustainable community garden and farm to have food for the children and families during the school year. The people of Lau thank you for your support.

Lau Farming Project

Corporate Sponsorship

Les Amis would be honored to work with corporations in order to get our Apprentices access to opportunities that Aren’t usually afforded to them. We will gladly take donations, mentorship, and donations of goods. We will display your logos on all of our marketing materials to show our gratitude.

Ceria Facilities

Science Lab
Computer Lab
Robotic Lab
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